Sancho Lola s 6 Bully Sticks for Dogs Made in USA Rawhide-Free Grain-Free High-Protein Small Beef Pizzle Dog Chews
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Questions to consider when choosing a rawhide dog chews

Before you start looking for a rawhide dog chews, think about the type of product you going to buy and what information you want to have. That’s your baseline for deciding on options and how much to spend.

So which rawhide dog chews are right for you?

When you search for good rawhide dog chews reviews, this Sancho Lola s 6 Bully Sticks for Dogs Made in USA Rawhide-Free Grain-Free High-Protein Small Beef Pizzle Dog Chews will meet your requirements. This product has received high praise from customers. The Sancho Lola s Closet are far more reliable and easier to use than anything else on the market. The most sold product is not expensive and it is highly desirable, and if you want to buy it, you should not miss this opportunity because this product is the price length applications.

Is this what you need when you buy a rawhide dog chews?

WHAT ARE BULLY STICKS Dog chews made from baked pizzles. Pizzle is an old German name for a bovine male organ. Thus, they are not bones or compressed rawhide. The only ingredient is beef muscle tissue. Please take this into consideration with your expectation of how long they should last.

WHY DO MOST BULLY STICKS HAVE A FUNKY SMELL Compliments of Mother Nature. We think if folks understood pizzles once held a functioning urethra, they would be less shocked. Keep in mind, dogs love stinky things. Truth be told, some of us humans do too. In his book BURGUNDY, Anthony Hanson writes a sent la merde. Great Burgundy wines smell of s t. … weird, but it s so true Odor is a small sacrifice for a few moments of enjoyment for your best friend. Our bullys are moderate odor relative to most, but if smell is a complete deal-breaker for you, get our odor-free bully sticks or steers.


Rawhide is inexpensive to source hide skin is a very large surface area. It can be harvested from either males or females. Tendons and bones are also sourced from both males and females. Beef pizzle, however, can only be harvested from males. Dense beef pizzles are only harvested from bulls. There is typically one bull per herd for safety reasons. The rest of the males are steers. So if 95 of males on a ranch are steers, you can imagine how difficult it is for manufacturers to acquire bull pizzle on monthly bases. Once harvested, the delicate raw pizzle must be baked at a low, specific temperature for days. Worldwide demand for raw beef pizzle in the restaurant industry is at an all-time high. Many cultures enjoy it in soups sorry for that visual.

Thus, your pup is getting a chew that is one of the most unique, sought after sources of protein on the market



OUR ASSURANCE OF IMPERFECTION Perfect dog chews are processed with cheap fillers and artificial colors. They are then punched out of machines like hot dogs. Our bully sticks are hand-trimmed by humans. They will never be the same size, aroma or color. Every stick will vary, just as bull and steer pizzles do in nature. The photo you see is a general guide. You will be disappointed if you expect them to be the same every time you order. This is not a lack of quality control. It is our refusal to manipulate a product that is 100 natural.

OUR PRIORITY IS SAFETY Sancho Lola are our kids. We know you feel this way about your pups too. Our manufacturers must meet high safety standards. They have USDA, GSFI or BRC certified facilities. Some of our manufacturers have USDA human-grade facilities.

OUR PASSION IS NUTRITION Many national brands contain ingredients that are known to cause inflammation in joints, skin, and organs. Artificial flavorings, GMO wheat, corn, soybean oil, carrageenan, synthetic preservatives like BHA and BHT, bone meal MBM are all known to cause inflammation and contribute to degenerative diseases.

OUR GOAL IS REPEAT HAPPY CUSTOMERS If your dog is not a fan of a particular batch, don t sweat it, reach out to us and we will take care of you.


Family-owned operated in North Texas. We specialize in dog products because plain and simple, we love dogs. We have a genuine passion for helping dog rescues but we ve also helped dogs in crisis with no official rescue behind them. We are committed to offering single or limited-ingredient dog chews and treats that will help your pups thrive, not cause disease and inflammation.We strive to develop relationships with ranchers who are known for the humane and respectful treatment of their animals.


Howdy. Sancho Lola, my German Pointers were found in bleak conditions. Since 2015, our little boutique brand from Texas has donated generously to canine rescues to help other abandoned dogs find forever homes too. When I adopted Sancho in 2011, it was clear he suffered from severe anxiety. The best thing for anxiety is exercise. The second best thing is a dog chew. I gave him rawhide but they gave him tummy trouble. When I discovered that conventional rawhide is a by-product of the leather industry and made with chemicals, I looked for an alternative. Meanwhile, I was suffering from a painful joint condition doctors told me would never heal without surgery. After one disastrous knee surgery, I was done. There had to be a holistic solution. I was determined to find it. I gave up a 15-year career in the fine wine industry to study Functional Nutrition. I was appalled to learn that the low-fat, high-grain diet suggested to me by doctors in my youth was causing inflammation and contributing to joint pain in my 40 s. I was furious to see the main ingredient in most conventional dog treats was grains. Dogs are carnivores. They are not meant to eat grains, especially genetically modified grains that look nothing like the grains our ancestors grew up with. This is why many people and pets cannot tolerate them.

Customers are loyal to our brand because

They know we are genuine people who love dogs.They trust we will not use marketing gimmicks that insult their intelligence. They relate to our passion for health and wellness through nutrition. Our treats and chews are doggone tasty

Lynette, Founder, Devotee of WAPF Wise Traditions

Sancho Lola, CEOs


Are they safe to give puppies Yes. They will satisfy their need to chew. But introduce slowly to avoid tummy upset. Start with sizes like thin bullys, bully spirals or our steer sticks. If your pup tends to inhale treats, you may want to order a 12-inch and remove when it gets down to 2-3 inches.Can they give my dog loose stools Yes, just like changing your dog s food can. Some dogs have more sensitive digestive systems than others. Introduce slowly. Try adding canned pumpkin, ground flax seeds and plain yogurt to your pup s diet. These aid in digestion and firm up stools. Do they contain any known allergens They are 100 beef – nothing else. As long as your dog can tolerate beef, they should not have any issues related to cheap grains and soy.Where are they made Our Traditional bully sticks are inspected and Made in the USA, but to secure year-round availability, our sourcing includes pizzles farmed in North America. Our odor-free Charcuterie style bully sticks and steer sticks are strictly sourced from pizzles farmed in the USA. How long will they last 5 min to 5 hours. It is impossible to say since it varies on the size and chew power of your dog. Remember, bullys are just baked tissue.How many calories A good rule of thumb is 80 calories per ounce. Our 6 standards average .9oz.

Meet our CEOs


Suffers from PTSD due to previous owner who made sure he was beat-down body and soul. After years of unconditional love, he has learned to trust again His favorite pastime is chasing squirrels.


Was found infested with worms. You could see every bone in her frail body. In our care she thrived into a stunning beauty. Her favorite pastime is sitting the lap of whoever will hold her

Lola was only 36 pounds when we adopted her. Average weight for a female pointer is 50-62 lbs.

What are the special features of this Sancho Lola s Closet rawhide dog chews?

MADE IN USA Our bully sticks for dogs are hand-graded and packed by using a minimum guaranteed weight to insure consistency. Our Standard Sticks typically range from .75-1.1oz. You will want our THICK bully sticks for dogs large dogs or power-chewing medium ones. For Small dogs or dogs on calorie restriction try our THIN. NATURAL Our bully sticks are made with one Ingredient--beef. No growth-hormones and no cheap fillers. Moderate odor relative to other natural bully sticks.. KEEPS YOUR DOG BUSY A busy dog is a good dog. Not only will your shoes and furniture be spared, but your family can eat dinner in peace. Reduces ANXIETY during a time your pup is alone or is being crate trained.. DENTAL CARE Our rawhide free dog chews are made from natural muscle fiber that stimulates gums and flosses teeth... naturally giving your dog a whiter smile.. SAFE ALTERNATIVE These bully sticks are considered a safer alternative to Rawhide treats. Antlers can break teeth, rawhide rolls can cause blockages and cooked bones can splinter. Bully sticks are made from tissue that is fully digestible..

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SandyM My boys absolutely love this brand
My boys absolutely love this brand. Chuck Malt Shz is 18 lbs and Harley Pom is 4 lbs and when the package arrived my boys must have smelled it cause they instantly started going nuts, even though, I couldn t smell a thing. Harley is super picky and will turn his nose up at a lot of treats.... but not these I know there are a lot of brands out there that have a strong smell but these didn t.....there is a hint of odor but nothing overpowering. Since my pom is only 4 lbs he can t chew on it so his big brother Chuck helps him out by chewing the top of the bully stick for about 5 min and then Harley will take over. Chuck then gets his own stick which he has no problems with. I also like that it s made here, I will not buy any dog toys or treats that have been made in China and I make their dog food so I m very cautious of what I give them. These sticks are going to last me a long time because of the size of my dogs. This is a fantastic brand and I highly recommend it.
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